Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I'm in the mood

Looks like springtime has arrived in Oklahoma! We had some mighty storms come through last night and rattle the windows! I do enjoy a good thunderstorm but can do without the tornadoes that sometimes swoop through. Gives me chills to think about!

This weekend was close to perfect weather wise, though. On Saturday I ended up spending half of the day running much needed errands, one of which was stopping by the Flea Market. Now, I know a stop like that isn't necessarily a vital errand but I sure do love going there! As I turned into the parking lot, I saw a sign for a bead show there too! I had NO idea this was going on! I happened to be on the phone with my mister and when I told him of the impromptu bead show stop, he bid me farewell for the rest of the afternoon ;) Unfortunately, we're broke as a joke so I could merely browse though the baubles and bits, which is fine by me as I often find those shows more inspiring than anything! They get me in the mood to work on new things! It was a nice surprise to the weekend.

Another fun surprise that has been slowly taking shape is a bit of rearranging in my beading corner! I work in our spare bedroom which has limited space. I do not complain one bit though! I'm just glad to have a workspace I don't have to clean up every time we are going to have company! Basically all that has changed in my work station is moving my tall shelf to be back against the wall as opposed to the corner and the addition of a shelf my dad and I built a few years back which makes SUCH a difference when working on big projects! It's truly a 100% functional space now! Oh, and we folded up the old folding chair and replaced it with a little chair I purchased many moons ago from one of those shops with furniture out front on Cherry Street. It's nice to have a chair in there now that I have a little history with as opposed to the not-so-inviting folding chair.

Sometimes when I find myself in a creative slump, I find that rearranging or reorganizing can immediately help me get back in the mood to create!

You can see I use an old gate-leg table for my workspace which works out fabulously when needing to expand for larger projects or it can be made much smaller and less conspicuous when needing to clean up! It is a family heirloom that I have used as everything from a beading station, computer desk, tv stand, kitchen table.... It's a great piece of furniture :)

So this Sunday marks my mister and mine's first anniversary of being husband and wife! We are skidaddling to the countryside for the weekend and I'm SO ready for it! I'm needing to get out of the city for a bit! That all being said, I have put away the beads and jewelry for a short while and am finally working on our wedding scrapbook! Having all of the extra shelving in my work area now allows me to work on different types of projects in that spot now!

When I was MUCH younger, I got into the trendy scrapbooking trend but shortly after, bucked what I learned and started scrapbooking more in my style. A dear dear friend of mine gifted me some really pretty papers and stickers though to use for this one so I'm having fun dolling the book up! The pink paper you see below is vintage wrapping paper one of our gifts was adorned in. I thought, what better way to save it then to use it in our scrapbook!?!

It's been so much fun to go back through all of that stuff and just be amazed that it's been a year already! I got a good one, this I know ;)

Friday, March 20, 2009

Artist Hug

Check out Carolina Elizabeth's new blog which showcases different artists that are out there, as well as herself! It seems to be a pretty cool thing that she's cooking up! We were lucky enough to be showcased on there and you can find that here.

More later!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Spring Break Is Oh So Sweet

Happy Spring Break! I'm off from teaching this week but am working full time at my other job...but I am thoroughly enjoying the weather and the attitude that spring break brings with it! Not much news around these parts. Just working on setting up summer shows! As of now, we've been accepted to the Spring Deluxe in Oklahoma City which I'm SO stoked about! The last show they did was SO much fun, had wonderful vendors and great attendance! I'll post more about that show closer to time :)

I've attached a few pics of new stuff we've done! The first four are some of April's new goodies and the last one is one I did a little while ago...

Another variation of April's Dream Necklace. We need to photograph this on a person so you can see how it lays.

And here's one that April did that I just love!!! Parts of it once began as a belt....

And my sweet little romantic one to finish things off.
Enjoy the beautiful weather, Oklahomies! To everyone else, enjoy everyday!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

I Heart Leftovers & Lazy Days

Happy "Feels Like Spring" Day! It's also my "Do Absolutely Nothing Day" as I've been working my tail off for two events held yesterday: The ESL Jewelry Class and my first annual Ladies' Social Hour which was held at my home last night. It was a busy day! And such a wonderful day all around!!! So yes, today is the day of nothing...and I'm so excited about it. :)

Thursday night I took most of the evening to cook, cook and cook some more. My favorite recipe I tried were the baked apples!!! They were SOOOOOO good. I only made four on Thursday and decided that I wanted more of them so I made four more before the party! Surprisingly, they weren't the most popular item so I have a few leftover - I've already had one this morning! I can't wait to get some vanilla ice cream to eat over warm ones. mmmmmmmmmmmm

This was the rest of the spread. Actually, I only ended up taking three photos of the evening - all of the food from different angles. Oops ;) Below here you see some simple munchies: a spicy salsa I made, baked apples, cream cheese and spread, cheese cheese and cheese, a hot artichoke dip, a Greek white bean dip, some veggies and some grapies. The breakfast of left overs this morning was scrumptious. :)

The fridge the night before the unveiling.

I'm somewhat moving backwards through this post. From here on, I'll focus on Friday morning where April and I taught the ESL Jewelry class!

This is a photo of a section of a necklace I was working on for demonstration in the class. I completed all but one section of the necklace and presented my steps in a Power Point presentation...because I'm a nerdy teacher...and I don't care ;) I was actually so busy through the class that I didn't get a chance to finish the piece there! I did, however, make just one earring to match it though ;) Maybe tonight I'll finish them up!

Packed and ready to go!

We had six students (two of which are fellow ESL teachers of mine), myself and the ever-so-helpful April. We held the class very informally. I gave a brief presentation over tools, findings, choosing colors and creating a pattern. After that, the class worked on creating their ideas and began construction as we walked around and helped. It was basically an introduction to bead work/workshop...and it was perfect! We actually stayed around about three hours talking to people and working a little longer.
One side of the room. Yes that is the reflection of myself in the mirror taking the picture.
Another view. You can see my awesome power point in that shot ;)

April slacking on the job or eating lunch, same difference ;)

One of the students showing off her highly creative bracelet. Very inventive!

A sweet necklace for a dainty neck made by one of the students.

One of my actual students showing off some beautiful hoop earrings she made for a friend. She also brought the greatest Ethiopian dish to share for lunch! It was SO tasty!

Close up of her earrings and a memory wire necklace she was working on.

It was SUCH a fun experience to do this class! Everyone made at least one really cool piece and was really proud of their work! I was sad I didn't get to take a picture of all the pieces they made - there were some that were so beautiful - I just found I was busier than I thought I would be the whole time! It was such a success, I think we may do another one in the evening hours for those that have to work during the day. Maybe I'll start offering classes around town? Hmmmmm. That's a thought ;) Any thoughts on that from the peanut gallery?
I hope everyone is enjoying a relaxing Saturday as I am! Cheerio!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Humpday Chuckle

I was at Michael's the other day picking up some odds and ends. One of the things I was shopping for was a scrapbook to start (finally) putting my wedding album together. While I was searching for this particular item, two other older women came upon the section I was in which turned out to be the Martha Stewart scrapbooking area. I realized this about the same time these women realized this and about busted a gut when one of them stated very flavorfully, "Martha Stewart, huh? She suuuuuure is proud of her stuff, idn't she?" It was so so so so sooooooooo funny. Thought I'd share :)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Spring Organizing

It seems it has been a while! Well, last week, we went out of town for the weekend and returned just in time for me to acquire that HORRIBLE stomach virus that is going around. If you get it, I suggest rest, gatorade, crackers and a very supportive person to be a nurse to you during the whole event. That little illness pretty much took out my entire last week. BUT, I'm back now! Yeah! And I've actually been super busy.

This Friday is the jewelry class for the ESL students and I am so so so stoked about it! I've been working on some pieces for examples on how to do things in the class. I'll share all about that later :)

For today though, I am going to share about organization! Some would argue that I'm overly obsessive about organization but I prefer to think of it in the terms of I'm always looking for ways to make things work better. For quite some time, I've store my jewelry in a certain manner and it seems to have worked OK. I was always on the hunt for something that would work better though. Well, that something found me!

My mom decided this Christmas season to reorganize her Christmas ornaments, an item she does not lack volume of! Lucky for me, she overshot her need for storage containers and passed along the rest for me! Yeah handmedowns!!!

The containers are so handy because you can snap multiple levels together and they are topped off with a sturdy handle!

They each come with cardboard dividers for your ornaments. I tried to figure out a way to use the cardboard dividers for jewelry dividers but it just wasn't working. They were a bit too flimsy and if I connected them as intended, jewelry wouldn't fit quite right inside of them. So I got a little crafty ;)

I went and purchased a sheet of foamcore board (I need to buy one more to do two more boxes!) and measured the length and height of each box. I scored the foamcore accordingly, cut each one down and now had dividers!

Then I got all eighties on the box and pulled out the oh so lovely glue gun. There's something to be said about using a glue gun. It's not really the best choice for fancy projects BUT it's great for something that you may change around in the future and don't necessarily want to be permanent! So I glue-gunned in my dividers and, TA-DA!, you have jewelry dividers!

The length of the box is great for laying out necklaces and the dividers allow for color organization...one of my favorite kinds of organizing ;)

Then, you simply hook the trays together, snap on the nifty lid and you're ready for transport! And the green and red lid has a little poinsettia leaf on the top of it; always reminding you of Christmas! Ha!

So now I've two more of these to do. Only took about 30 minutes to do with most of the time spent measuring and cutting the foam core! I'm so so so happy to be upgrading my storage units! It's been a long time coming ;)