Sunday, February 8, 2009

No Coats Needed!

Greetings all! It's been a while since I've posted and I apologize greatly! I always have such great expectations to post routinely and frequently yet I always seem to miss my goals! But here I am today ;) That counts for something, right?

So today I volunteered for Street Cats My Furry Valentine event in which we had three pieces of jewelry in their silent auction. They were in desperate need of a coat check volunteer so I offered myself up to help the organization, to see how our jewelry bid and to get into a cool event for free! What, I'll admit it!?! ;) Well, as those of you in the Oklahoma area know, you know that today was BEAUTIFUL outside and not a jacket was needed! That being said, my job as a coat checker was mighty slow....

Low and behold though, halfway through my shift, one little old lady checked her coat! I was so excited! I gave her the matching number to her hanger and guarded her little coat with my life! And let me tell you, this little old lady had tremendous style! The coat was probably from the early 70's, a perfect length, in pristine condition and a shade of cream that is hard to find. It was hard not to steal the only coat I checked ;)

Here's a fuzzy picture of a couple of our necklaces in the silent auction...I couldn't get in close enough to photograph the third one! I was pleased to see some bids on each of them before I left so at least I know we helped out Street Cats some and that the pieces will all go to great new homes!

As this event was held at the Elks Lodge, there was expected to be an elk here or there...and here's one here...appropriately styled!

A small view of the auction room

Oh, did I mention before that this was a wine and dessert event? I skipped the wine as I had other things to tend to after the event and having wine would not have been conducive to accomplishments but I did splurge on the desserts! My favorite was the bread pudding. Mmmmmmmm. I could have had a whole plate of that!

One of the greatest highlights for me was hearing the Sweet Adelines sing! I've heard of them my entire life but have just never had the opportunity to hearing them live! Luckily for me, they were hired to sing at the event! I wish I had a voice that I could do something like that!

My last item of note is slightly embarrasing but rather cool. They had a gentleman go around and take pictures of all of the attendees and gave little magnetic picture frames with the Street Cats logo on them as 'party favors'. At the end of the event, you would go to a designated area where they would print out your picture and it would fit perfectly into your little magnet! I thought it was a great little marketing idea for them! This is my picture and magnet taken in front of my full coat closet ;) It actually isn't a bad picture! Thanks volunteer picture taking guy!

It had been a couple of years since I had gone to this event and I'm so so glad I went today! It was great to see people I used to volunteer with and also fun to get a little dressed up! Doesn't hurt they had bread pudding ;)


  1. that's hilarious! last week was so beautiful's an unstable job market for coatcheckers in oklahoma ;)