Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The New Crew

The newest twenty switchplates brought to you due to special requests :)

A little fabric and Chihuly glass...
A taste of the vintage (I am enamored with the Paul Newman one and just might keep it for my sitting room)...

Some Okie goodies! The two with the folks holding the "This Place Matters" signs are gifts for the holders :)

Some images that scream VACATION TIME!!!

And finally, some classics (and another Chihuly :)...

Hope you've enjoyed! I'll have more on the way soon!!!


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  2. Hi. I'm just going backwards through the Tag You're It! and I love the switchplate covers. I'll be keeping a close eye out for patterns I could send you for MY house. I love that you repurpose old jewelry into such great creations. I upcycle scraps (my husband calls it stealing! hehehe) from his shop to make cool stuff for gifts and ME of course. I also have a little Etsy shop that I created for philanthropic endeavors (if the darn thing ever takes off). Mostly I'm just an English teacher, mother, and farmwife. Keep the beauties coming and visit me at my blog or shop if you get a chance.