Thursday, February 19, 2009

I'd Like To Teach The World To Bead In Perfect Harmony

Howdy all! Nothing much to say but thought I'd post anyway. I'm a poet! Yeah rhyming! :)

I thought I'd post a few pictures of some of the things I'd recently completed and share a little news.

My 'day' job (and from semester to semster, my night job!) is teaching English as a Second Language to adult language learners at a local college in town. We really try and expose the students to as much of our city, state and country as possible. Some are only here for a few months while others may have already been here for years but still struggle with the language. In semesters past, we've gone on field trips (Branson, aquarium, haunted corn maze, Gilcrease...) but this semester it seems that we have a younger crew of students who aren't as hip to the field trippin' scene.

Sooooooo...why do I tell you all of this??? Well, in lieu of field trips, they are attempting to plan different activities for the students to participate in and are offering activities that are gender specific. This is especially important for students who come from cultures where gender separation is not rare and students find comfort in doing things with their own genders. I could really go on and on about all of this but I will refrain for your sanity :)

So again, why do I tell you this??? Well, they have decided to have a paintball event for the menfolk to participate in and have asked if we would be interested in leading a jewelry workshop for the ladies! I jumped at the opportunity and am SO excited to do this! It's really all of my passions mixed into one - teaching, ESL and jewelry! We will find out soon if it is a go or not and I'm crossing everything possible that it is!
I end this babbling post with two pictures of a couple of pieces I recently completed. Enjoy!


  1. Trust me. Your students are going to love it! I have had jewelry making classes for the kids in our high school a few times (mostly beading), and it is a hit every time. Last time my daughter and her friend were doing a project to raise money for mental health awareness. All of her friends showed up to help, and they all bought their creations! We had very little to sell after, but had raised a ton of money just in the activity. Good luck to you. I love the new designs.


  2. How fun! They get to learn and get something pretty in the process :) I'd rather bead than do paintball any day. My one and only experience with paint ball left me a bit traumatized-- I still have no idea why people think its fun. Must be a guy thing...