Friday, February 13, 2009

Flip It, Flip It Good!

Happy Friday! I always get so excited when Friday rolls around...even when nothing big is planned for the weekend. I know tomorrow is V-Day and in theory, I should be excited for that but I'm not really looking at it as any other day! I think I'm being taken out to dinner? I think the mister has something planned but I've no clue what! So I figure, why start growing expectations? I'll just be happy that it's Saturday :)

I've stepped away from jewelry this week and have worked some on my switchplates! You'll remember that I recently acquired about 5 bajillion magazines (ok maybe not that many) to go through thus I've got a million new switchplates to make! After I find what I'm looking for, I recycle the remains and they become some other magazine again! If anybody knows of any organization that is ever in need of magazines for any projects, etc, let me know and I'll be glad to pass them along!

After I've gone through and pulled out anything of interest I then go through my massive pile and decide what inspires me that particular day!

Then everything is laid out and whichever one catches my eye, I start with! I think the most difficult part of this is keeping the animals from walking on the sheets! I've one cat in particular who LOVES to lay on paper...don't ask me why!

The next step is where the magic happens. I pick the placement of the picture, affix it and then begin my folding process. I've yet to seal them all but do have 20 new good looking switchplates! I'll probably seal this batch this weekend and will start working on another set after that. My switchplate stock is down from the holidays so I need to stock back up!

So yesterday was kinda interesting for me...I met with a representative from the OK Tax Commission at my house! Apparently, now when you apply for a Tax ID #, a rep will come out and check out your inventory and make sure you'll following all of the tax rules. We had scheduled to meet about a month ago but kept having to reschedule due to the 'ice storm' and illnesses so we FINALLY got to meet yesterday. I must admit, I had a few butterflies but was excited to make sure I was doing everything correctly. The rep was SUPER nice, was beyond helpful and even complimented the goods! All in all it was a good experience :)
I wish you all a Happy Slappy Valentine's Day and a Happy New Year. What?!? ;)

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