Sunday, January 4, 2009

Wearing Our Work

One of the many reasons we started this blog is because we can only talk to our husbands so much about jewelry before they pop! Not to say they aren't ridiculously supportive and love that we love what we do but men can only take so much talk about beads, designs, color combinations and what length to make a piece. :) Having a public forum open to the world allows those that want to listen a place to listen to us babble! There are SOOOOO many topics that I already want to cover on here but have the most difficult time deciding on what should come first! There's something to be said about the order of things, including blog posts ;) Even as I write this, I'm not sure what to write about yet -> new photo taking procedures, Hungarian beads, pieces we choose to keep for ourselves, some of the pieces made from the 40 pound Christmas lot, first attempt at a Christmas ornament and so on! As you can see, there's a lot to write about.

I think I'll direct this post towards pieces we keep for ourselves. We often find ourselves in conversations with people where the statement 'I bet you have a huge personal jewelry collection at home!'..or something to that effect...arises. Speaking for myself (and partly April), really, we keep minimal pieces that we make for ourselves. Once a piece is made, we will often wear it for a day to make sure the necklace lays well, doesn't scratch one's neck and isn't in need of any alterations before putting it into our 'system'. That being said, we do wear a lot of different jewelry pieces that we make but don't really own hoards of them. In my personal collection I have pieces from travels and gifts from family and friends with a few of our own pieces mingled in there. Some of the pieces that I have made and kept for myself are:

(This second photo is an example of the new photo taking procedures...what do you think??? Looks like I've somewhat incorporated another topic in this post ;)

April and I will also trade pieces periodically as well. Here's one of her's I recently acquired through a trade and actually wore yesterday! :)

And here's one that I'm STRONGLY considering trading for unless it sells before I decide.

We are each others biggest fans :) So to answer that popular question, no, our jewelry boxes aren't overflowing but rather have just a few of our pieces here and there. I've always gauged whether or not to sell a piece depending on my gut reaction when someone looks to buy it. Once at a show a few years ago, a woman picked up a piece I was particulary fond of and my heart hoped that she wouldn't buy it even though I normally LOVE to see people fall in love with one of our pieces and take it home! After she moved on, I pulled it off the table and now it's a permanent fixture in my personal collection :)

So are we crazy or do you other crafters have those pieces that you just don't dare to part with? I believe that if you don't love what you create, then you don't believe in what you create and others won't believe in it either! So here's to personal creations and loving what you create!

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  1. Once upon a time I worked a 9-5 job as a designer at a jewelry import company. My friends and I would sit all day (and night too sometimes) assembling in a little closet of a room filled top to bottom with all sorts of beads imagineable. It got to where I loved to assemble more than draw designs, there's something very soothing and relaxing about putting all those tiny beads together. I still have a few Chinese knock-offs of my designs stashed away :)
    Its always nice when people love what you do and appreciate it! Lucky for you, you can follow your own muse and aren't restrained by what so-and-so says is hot or salesmen with no fashion sense critiquing you.
    Happy creating!~ Cant wait to see what 2009 brings!~