Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Perfect Business Partner

I thought I'd take a minute or two and write about a bit of mine and April's history together...and post a few embarrassing pictures from the vault :)

April and I met about 20 years ago when we were about 9 or 10 years old through church. That's right, church :) We grew up together with lots of amazing people in our youth group...although I must say, we weren't really your typical youth group. We donned the name the _________ _________ Brew Crew and enjoyed hanging out with each other in church and outside of church! I looked and looked for some true old school photos but I must not have gotten into the really dusty boxes to scan yet as the oldest one I can find is from 11 years ago when we were in Juarez, Mexico for some construction work.

Pardon my fashion sense (although I still own and wear the shirt around my waist and the blue track pants) but check out April's tan little legs! Woo hoo!

I should also mention that our parents, er, mainly our fathers, are quite intertwined in the antiquing community around the town. We've each grown up in antiquing families and share that love for what the past has given us. I believe growing up in these environments has had much influence on our drive to create pieces reusing items from our modern history. I'll elaborate more on antiquing in some later posts :)

April and I ended up attending college together in Oklahoma City and became roommates in the dorms with two other of our close friends. This is where our jewelry obsession began! We had one empty 'cubicle' in our room and this is where we set up my old school Nintendo, our TV, the VCR and all of the jewelry equipment we had thus far. We would watch movie after movie, with Dirty Dancing and Primal Fear being contants, and would bead and knot away. We posted signs in the elevators and our very small but very personable jewelry business was born. Some of best customers came from those dorms! I must say the sorority girls and the talented dancers at the school loved having special pieces made for their special events!

We ended up getting an apartment together on campus the following year and even began working together on campus! The following year we decided to live apart...and ended up being next door neighbors by chance!

College came and went and many a-necklaces were created. We both moved back to our hometown of Tulsa at separate times and moved the jewelry biz back home. We started dabbling in setting up at the Flea Market and some craft shows here and there and LOVED seeing people react to our stuff! It was such a joy to speak with people about our creations and to see people fall in love with pieces. After a few years and after gaining more confidence and knowledge in our craft, we decided to make the biz legal and have been at it ever since!

We feed off of each other creatively and have grown together as artists over the past 10 years while working on jewelry. We consider each other sisters of sorts; we love each other, we disagree, we can tell each other anything, we can call each other when in need and we're always there for each other. It's truly a joy to be able to work so closely and so well with such a good's a rarity in my book.

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