Thursday, January 29, 2009

Owls & Kitties

Oh these cold days leave me with enough motivation to only curl up on the couch under lots of blankets when I should be working on so many other things! Ahh! I have, however, managed to peel myself off of the warm couch for a bit and finished another custom order for a friend in Oklahoma City. They had attended a 70's themed bash and visited a local resale shop and found the larger owl on a large pimpin' gold chain for him to wear. The owl was just too good lookin' for only a costume so she asked me to make it into something she would wear. It is SUCH a cool owl! She's obviously got good taste and anyone who wants to reuse vintage pieces is a-ok in my book!

Since the centerpiece is so grand, I felt the rest of the necklace needed to be simple so the owl could do all of the talking!

My second challenge was working with another little owl, who was previously a lapel pin or hat pin. I removed the 'pin' portion and linked it up to be a drop centerpiece. All of the components for this piece were reused aside from the orange colored stones which were given to me from friends who had just returned from Morocco! Did I mention I LOVE using beads from all over the world too?!?

So thanks mystery friend for letting me make your owls into something new! And thanks for loving them!

A few other things of note....

Don't forget about StreetCats My Furry Valentine fundraiser which is just around the corner! Our third piece in the silent auction is this beaut...The other two are on a previous post!

Also, you've one more week to vote for us for the Okie Blog Awards! I'm not putting any money on us winning but still very cool to be a part of this!

I leave you with a parting shot of moi as seen by my husband from across my workspace :) He likes to harass me with the camera while I work sometimes :) Looks like I'm using my 'pinchers' as April likes to refer to my hands! Hope everyone is staying warm, well and happy!

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  1. I LOVE the first owl one and did you cut your hair? I like how it's framing your face.