Friday, January 30, 2009

Magazines, Whiskers & Beads!

Happy Friday all! I am SO hyper today and am ansy to get the weekend started! There's nothing notable happening BUT I'm just ready to get out there! Another non-notable thing is that I really have nothing to blog about! But here I am, pulling something out of the air to share! :)

I thought I would share some pics of some of the stuff I've made so far from the 40 pound Christmas present of old jewelry to go through! I did these right at the beginning of the year so they're not exactly hot off the press but they are certainly close enough!

This one contains an old green flower pin and two old blue earrings which I think turned out beautifully! I must say, the way it lays is perfect! The picture doesn't do it complete justice ;)

Another one using some old earrings and lots of old and bold beads! Can you tell I like green? Sometimes I have to force myself to work on jewelry that is not some shade of green!

And this one, well, I think it is stunning. But of course I'm partial ;) The bird pin came out of the giant box and the other beads I had on hand. I LOVE how the bird is framed! Kinda like he's in his own little nest. Why I call it a he, I know not...maybe because I view blue as a masculine color? Who knows! It could be a she for you though!

I spent half of a day during the 'ice storm' going through about 100 design magazines a dear friend passed along to me. I love to go through magazines to find cool images to use on my switchplates! See, I think magazines are a terrible waste of paper BUT some of the images in them are so so so awesome! I've always been big into cutting up magazines and sticking them onto this and that and I've found that switchplate covers seem to be a great palate for the images! I need to get busy on putting some together now since I have SO many new images to work with! Here's a couple of older ones I did (the bottom lives in a fancy home now but the top one is still around!) so you can see what I'm talking about!

Finally, I wanted to let you know that I'll now be volunteering at StreetCats My Furry Valentine event NEXT SUNDAY. I'll be working the coat check :) It's the job that nobody wanted so I figured I would take it! Oh the pressure of making sure everyone's coats are taken care of! So if you do come, which you totally should, you should totally bring a coat even if the weather doesn't warrant one so I can totally feel important with my coat checking duties :)


  1. You've been nominated...check out my blog

  2. hey b! glad to see you found my blog...i think. :) you are only allowed to keep reading if you come rock with me saturday night.

  3. Fancy! I love the necklace with the bird pendant, very pretty. And I love magazines. I just cant help it. Its an addiction.

  4. oooh I love the first necklace!!
    Hope you had a great weekend!