Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A Fuzzy Christmas

Backwards through Christmas. I'm lazy and there's too many pictures to move around so you're getting these photos backwards. Merry Christmas ;)

As many of you probably have heard or experienced, Oklahoma received a freaking blizzard on Christmas Eve! The likelihood of us experiencing a blizzard is slim enough but to have it land on Christmas is nearly impossible! I'm surely not complaining though because it was so beautiful and was surprisingly fun to be snowed in! Here's a photo recap filled with lots of animals...

I woke up Christmas morning to find only one door that would open to the outside world! The mister had to dig out a little pathway for the beast to make it outside. Here's the fuzzy man now showing how he always takes inventory of the yard before stepping out into it :)
Have I told you before how much the beast LOVES snow?! Almost as much as he loves the water! As with the water, he can get a little, er, over-excited and we have to calm him down quickly otherwise moments like this happen:
Even one of my fuzzbuckets got into the white stuff! This little lady does get to spend monitored time outside with us and typically LOVES outside time. She was a bit more hesitant this time around.
Another thing the beast loves about the snow is eating it! Yup, he will bury his snout in the snow and take large bites of it which is why I find this picture soooooo funny - it's evidence of his snow addiction!
Back to Christmas morning. Like I said before, only one door would allow us out of our house so the front yard/street/neighbors' yards became the beast's playground until we could get into the backyard. Luckily us and our neighbors spent plenty of time out there with him while we attempted to dig out our cars!
He's never felt such freedom in a city setting ;)
This was the sight out of the backdoor Christmas morning. It's fuzzy because I couldn't get the door to even budge to take a photo! Apparently, we were a prime location for snow drifts to form!
Due to all of the snow, pretty much all Christmas plans were cancelled so we spent Christmas Eve with just ourselves and lots of fuzzies. Here's one of us on Christmas Eve...notice I'm modeling my new glasses (finally!).
Just a few more! So, as previously stated, the beast loves snow. Even mid-blizzard. We let him run around in it for about five minutes and this is what appeared back at the door. COM.ED.Y.
The Christmas lights never looked prettier, especially the green ones covered in snow :)
Ahh, before the winter festivities began, we had one of our favorite imports pass through town with her two wonderful pups and equally wonderful husband :) Here's their newest addition after finally tuckering out for the night.
And here's the beast and his long lost brother. They are so in love with each other :)
And finally, myself and a fuzzier Santa than usual :)
We hope you had WONDERFUL holidays and remained safe throughout the big scary blizzard! I hope to post more this week since I have a week of vacation to play around in!!! I've already cleaned the house from top to bottom, finished three custom pieces, played some serious MarioKart and have spent lots of quality time with some quality fuzzbuckets :)
Until later!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Our Holiday Open House

Seasons Greetings Y'all!!! Can you believe that Christmas is only four days away!?!? Unbelievable! I think I'm done with 99% of my shopping but I know many people still have lots left to do before the big day, much like my mister, so April and I decided to have an impromptu Holiday Open House! Actually, we were going to try and set up at the Flea Market but all of the booths were full so this was our backup plan and boy was it a good backup!

April has the cutest little midtown home that we had such a blast setting up in!

It seemed that everything we put on the neckforms sold within minutes so we kept having to refill them! What a great problem to have, eh? ;)

We had friends and family come from all walks of life and had a WONDERFUL time catching up with those we haven't seen in a long time!

April's ever-so-awesome beaded pins!

My new item - button rings! I have SO many buttons that I decided to give rings a try to use those puppies up! My mom, who rarely changes out her jewelry picked one up even!

Usually those ceramic white hands hold my glasses in our bathroom :) I picked them up along with two fists at a garage sale back when I was in high school for $3, if I remember correctly. I'm quite in love with them :)

We also had some good eats at the party! April's mom furnished most of it which I am SO grateful for since she is SUCH a good cook! There was some good gab shared around that table :)
And a closing shot of April working her magic and some of our awesome shoppers! For some reason, the shutters on my camera didn't open all of the way! Guess it was sleepy, much like I am today :)

This was SUCH a fun event to execute and the response and sales were awesome soooooooo we're pretty sure we'll be doing this again! Although next time around, we'll make sure and give a bit more of a heads up :)
If I don't talk to you all again before the holiday, know that we wish you all safe, happy and wonderful holidays!!!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Deluxe Recap & Holiday Sale!!

So last Saturday, April and I loaded up the car and headed to OKC for the third Deluxe show! We had a blast, as always, and LOVED seeing so many awesome crafters and old OKC friends!!! Here's a little taste of what you would have seen in our booth :)

As you can tell, we've ditched the drying racks (so now I can dry clothes for an army at home!) and have replaced them with our metal wall and this little stand April picked up for a buck at an auction! We are thrifty by nature :)

Our 'new item' table. We also had a holiday sale at this show! We gifted, to you, $5 off any necklace that wasn't brand new! We're thinking of continuing that for our show on Sunday (more info on that in a minute :)

I upgraded the ornament tree from a log to an actual mini Christmas tree that I used when I lived in teeny tiny apartments before I met the mister! Plus I had made so many more of the ornaments that I needed more room!

And look at how lovely April's new pins looked together!

I did some kickin' Christmas shopping at this show, as usual, but can't post pics of the purchases as some of my recipients follow this puppy! I CAN show you what we got for ourselves though! I picked up this awesome painting from Christine of Weather & Noise. It works perfectly in our bedroom! Look at how well the wood cutouts on the painting match our wall color! Fate I tell you :)

While I'm showing you my bedroom walls, why not checkout a few other handmade items we have hanging in there! This is an older painting that April's dad created. He is SUPER talented in abstract painting and we've been lucky enough to have been gifted two of his works of art! I'll share the other one on another post :)
This pretty painting is from a friend April & I've known for a lifetime. She doesn't have an online presence as of yet but rest assured, I will let you know when she does! This was my 30th birthday present from her :) I've got great friends!

And FINALLY, I would like to invite all of our readers to a holiday open house THIS SUNDAY at April's house! Look us up on Facebook for more information. Our page can be found here. We'll have this going on from 1-4. Light snacks and wine will be provided and all of our goodies will be available for your last minute shopping needs! SEE YOU SUNDAY!!!!!!!!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Today's Inspiration: TV

So I normally don't write about 'pop' culture BUT I thought I'd break my own rules a bit today :) Back in the day, I was completely taken with true crime and thought that I would grow up to be a criminal psychologist. I was fascinated by the way the mind works differently for some people especially how some people distinguish right from wrong. I later decided that this topic was not one I should pursue as my livelihood if I wanted to retain any sort of sanity so I decided to study languages instead and just read true crime and watch crime shows :)

One of the shows I'm obsessed with on TV is Criminal Minds. It's been on for about 4 years now and I've been hooked since I first found it. I enjoy all of the characters and the story lines typically keep you pretty interested. So why in the world do I bring up this show on a jewelry blog??? Welllllllll, there is one character on the show named Penelope Garcia, played by Kirsten Vangsness. Her character is so quirky and lovable that I just can't get enough of her! BUT, most importantly, I LOVE how they style her! She doesn't fit into any category and they have her covered in crazy colors, funky jewelry and offbeat hairstyles! My mister most certainly must be tired of me talking about how I bet that character would buy my jewelry :) Oh! And she always has great glasses!

Look at how colorful she is! And check out the statement jewelry! I love her!

And look at how freaking cute she is in real life! Maybe the REAL person would buy some of our jewelry too! ;)

Aside from the bauble bonuses from the show, there's also the beaut bonus....
Matthew Gray Gubler, who was once a runway model and now plays Dr. Spencer Reid. Yum.
And *sigh* Shemar Moore, who plays Derrick Morgan. Good Lord I can't get enough of him! He's my one get out of jail free card with the husband :)
Ahh I love having free time to where I can take the time to post unimportant things like this! Hope you've enjoyed!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Cold Ears? Warm Them Up!

In an effort to not get knee-deep in any large projects before Saturday's show, I've been busy working on fun, smaller projects: EARRINGS! So enjoy this parade of my most recent earrings :)

Talk to you soon, lovelies.