Monday, December 29, 2008

We Made Santa's Nice List!

Oh my goodness Christmas was good to me!!! My mom talked Santa into gifting me with three boxes FULL of old jewelry to sift through, take apart, and make into my own! I'm talking over 40 pounds of jewelry!! Honestly, there's so much there it's a little overwhelming! My sneaky little husband knew about this gift and gifted me additional storage boxes for all the new goodies! Much of my weekend was spent organizing jewelry :)
Sudden movements would have been disasterous.

My little ladies like to help out too :)

Good thing I like to organize, huh?!?!

After many hours of working through the boxes, I called it a night and called over April to help the following day! We partook in a jewelry fest in my spare bedroom/workspace and got lots done while watching hours upon hours of Dexter with my imported sister! April worked her tail off sorting through things and found so many great little gems to work with!

It was a wonderful time and always feels great to get lots done!

Of course it couldn't have been possible without these fuzzbuckets...

We hope your holidays have been grand thus far! May they continue to be!


  1. what an awesome gift! wow, 40 pounds.... you're gonna be busy for a while! And what sweet kitties :)

  2. how fun!! I want to swim in a pile of old jewelry!